LinkMedics pilot the NHS Induction Programme with cohort 1

Developing the NHS skills, knowledge and experience

Supporting the NHS Integration of British Citizens who completed their medical training outside of the UK

LinkMedics is proud to announce the pilot of the NHS Induction Programme with cohort one. Our programme is designed to provide overseas-trained doctors with the clinical skills, knowledge, and experience to hit the ground running as junior doctors while prioritizing their well-being and promoting retention within the NHS.

Our pilot commences with programme partnerships with Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire and Norfolk & Norwich NHS Foundation Trust. Doctors who participated in our NHS Induction Programme reported feeling well-prepared and confident as junior doctors. Our partner NHS Trusts saw significant benefits in improved patient care and reduced locum expenses, as we build a well-trained, substantive only workforce.

Our team has worked closely with our partner Trusts to ensure that our programme is tailored to the unique needs of both the doctors and the NHS. This collaborative approach allows us to provide comprehensive support across the board, including pastoral care and ongoing training and development opportunities.

As we look forward to expanding the NHS Induction Programme to more hospitals and cohorts, we are committed to continuing to provide high-quality support to our doctors and the NHS. Together, we can address recruitment challenges, improve patient care, and support the development of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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