60 net new NHS doctors prepare to join the NHS workforce in LinkMedics cohort 2

An epic start to the second cohort of the NHS Induction Programme

Our NHS Induction Programme scales up!

The NHS Induction Programme has taken a significant step towards addressing the shortage of doctors in the UK by scaling up and onboarding 60 net new overseas-trained doctors. This comes at a crucial time for the NHS, which is facing increasing demand for medical professionals amidst national workforce pressure, recruitment and retention challenges, locum expenses, and the need for continuity of care.

The NHS Induction Programme is designed to provide overseas-trained doctors with all the necessary NHS clinical skills, knowledge, and experience to hit the ground running as junior doctors. The programme provides doctors with essential training in areas such as patient safety, clinical governance, communication, teamwork, and hands-on clinical experience in NHS hospital settings before landing them into supported employment. This helps them integrate into the NHS more effectively and provides a valuable experience that can support their future career development.

The programme’s focus on providing clinical training and pastoral care to overseas-trained doctors is crucial in ensuring that the NHS can continue to provide high-quality care to its patients while reducing the need for expensive locum cover. This, in turn, increases continuity of care, ensuring that patients receive the care they need from a consistent team of healthcare professionals. Helping to build trust and confidence between patients and healthcare professionals is essential in ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

We have no doubt that the programme will continue to positively impact patient care and outcomes while supporting the development of the next generation of healthcare professionals in the NHS.

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