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For internship doctors and medical students around the globe

Stay ahead of the game... get yourself NHS Ready!

A world-leading programme to introduce overseas final-year medical students/internship doctors to working life in the NHS.

The NHS employment market is more competitive than ever, with a record number of overseas graduates entering the NHS system. Competition for jobs is the highest in decades. This programme has been crafted by LinkMedics Academy, to give you a fully immersive experience into your career as a junior doctor working in the NHS. It has been designed for those who would be looking to enter the NHS at a more junior level (foundation year 1 and year 2) and is delivered by nurses, consultants, GPs and medical leaders. 

This programme mirrors our NHS Induction Programme exactly, but for the first time, we will be opening up additional cohorts just for final-year medical students/intern doctors who want to get ahead of the game!! If you’re planning on working in the NHS after graduating, supplement your final year of medical school/internship year with LinkMedics award-winning and market-leading programme!

What's included?

A virtually delivered session introducing you to the NHS as a whole and its culture. Delivered by our Group Director of Medical Education & NHS Consultant.

Healthcare systems around the world are innately unique, and the NHS is no different. Having completed your medical training outside of the UK, it is important that you understand how the NHS functions and the regulations that govern who can (and how they) practice medicine in the UK. Our “Welcome to NHS clinical practice” module of our Get “NHS Ready” Programme covers important aspects of UK clinical practice which are often overlooked in the “standard” Trust induction, giving you an in-depth insight into navigating your way through a heavily regulated system.

This module covers essential topics such as your professional responsibility, the NHS culture and demystifying the GMC. We highlight important areas of clinical practice relating to your liability (and medical indemnity), your duty of care, ethics, complaint handling and social media use as a doctor. The session also covers your NHS road map and the importance of a professional portfolio, quality (and self) improvement, teaching and appraisals.

Important information which is often missed or hard to find – this module covers it all, jargon-free.

An in-person delivered module that sets a standardised level of clinical skills. Delivered by our Group Director of Medical Education and our in-house team of NHS Senior Clinical Teaching Fellows. In partnership with Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals and Liverpool University Teaching Hospitals.

Medical education worldwide is vastly different and nearly impossible to standardise to a set level universally. Therefore clinical practice in the UK and NHS would differ from how medicine is practised (and how procedures are performed) overseas. The General Medical Council also regulates clinical practice in the NHS, and the UK Foundation Programme sets out the competencies criteria that all UK-trained doctors should fulfil. These guidelines include all the foundation-level clinical skills and procedures that junior doctors (focusing on FY1 to ST1) should be able to perform independently. Unfortunately, overseas medical training cannot accommodate or keep up with the specific requirements of UK clinical practice, and we may find that overseas doctors need to improve in competencies.

During our NHS Induction Programme, doctors are given an intense induction to all the foundation clinical competencies expected of them in the NHS at the level expected of their grade. This one-day module allows overseas doctors to refine all their foundation-level clinical skills the way UK doctors undergo their training. This hands-on training session takes place in the UK at our training facility in Norwich in partnership with our NHS Trust and medical university training partners. The session covers practical competencies such as (but not limited to) cannulation, venepuncture, nasogastric tube placement, catheterisation and cardiac arrest simulation sessions.

This module aims to bring everybody up to the same baseline of clinical skills, knowledge and experience before they start their NHS career.

Our NHS Induction Programme covers several modules on NHS ward skills and managing medical emergencies. Over 4-weeks, our tutors cover all the medical emergencies you should be able to operate independently as a junior doctor in the NHS. This includes fundamental ward skills and keeping patients safe at all times (as the doctor, you are responsible for your patients)! These fully immersive and interactive teaching sessions are consultant-led and conducted virtually, allowing you to learn from your comfort and take place in the evenings.

There are over 25 modules covering everything from a patient with a suspected GI bleed or STEMI, to a nurse asking you to prescribe fluids, or adjust the insulin regime for a patient under your care, or interpret a blood gas and manage accordingly. The sessions also cover all the most common conditions you are likely to encounter in a hospital setting, including arrhythmias, exacerbations of COPD, DKA or CAP – all with set algorithms, investigations and management plans for you to follow.

Monthly networking, clinical training, teaching, pastoral care, mentoring and career development! You won’t find support like this anywhere else!

All our doctors are allocated an NHS consultant mentor and peer mentor for a whole 12 months!

That’s amazing people in place to support and guide you on every step of your NHS journey! As well as individual mentoring sessions, you are placed into “collectives” where you can share learning and benefit from pastoral care sessions with your two mentors. These sessions are completely safe, supported and confidential (and kept confidential from your employer/NHS Trust). Previous cohorts have found these mentoring sessions to be an invaluable and great way for everyone to be vulnerable and learn from each other’s mistakes. #VulnerabilityIsStength!

For 12 months, you will have access to a dedicated NHS consultant and peer mentor (who has been through the journey themselves), networking opportunities, personalised study and development plans, and career opportunities (both inside and out of medicine)!

All doctors who want to be employed with a LinkMedics Programme Partner NHS Trust, MUST have participated in the NHS Induction Programme. After completing the induction programme, you will be eligible to apply for supported employment opportunities through LinkMedics. All employment opportunities come with a paid clinical attachment period before starting fix-term contracts as junior doctors. Please see employment opportunities page for more information.

Eligibility & Fees

To participate in our pre-medical programmes, you:

  • must be in your final year of medical school/internship year at a medical university outside of the UK
  • must be able to attend one of the in-person clinical skills sessions in the UK
  • must show an interest in working in the NHS and the UK healthcare system

The fee for this programme is the same as the NHS Induction Programme and costs a fixed fee of £595. If you complete this programme within 4-years of graduation, you will NOT need to complete this again before applying for employment via LinkMedics.

** Note – If we cancel for any reason, we will refund this fee. This fee is otherwise non-refundable, as we use it to save your place.

Book your place onto the next cohort

Autumn 2024

  • TBC

**all dates are subject to change.

To secure your place, please use one of the booking links.


Frequently asked questions

We are a team of healthcare professionals passionate about supporting the NHS transition of our overseas trained colleagues. We created LinkMedics to support others in a similar situation, and as we have been through the same journey, we provide support on a personal level from our shared experiences.

These courses are for final year medical students or internship doctors around the globe who want to refine their practical clinical skills, learn more about managing medical emergencies independently, and learn about NHS culture.

We have separate courses for doctors, nurses and AHP’s.

Please see eligibility above.

Please see costs above.

Carefully created by senior healthcare professionals from leading institutions across the country, our medical student and intern doctors Programmes gives you a flavour of what life is like working in the NHS. This includes practical clinical skills, emergency scenarios and career guidance. We also provide support for students interested in allied health professions (e.g. nursing, midwifery).

The medical student and intern courses usually take place over 4-days, with a mix of both in-person and virtually delivered topics. You must be able to attend the in-person teaching sessions in the UK.

The courses are held at one of our clinical skills training centres in the UK. More information is made available to you when you apply.

Yes, you will get a certificate and CPD points. These can be used as part of any future job applications that you make, and will make you a more competitive candidate!


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