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Over 150+ success stories! Here's what some of the doctors we are supporting have to say about us

Dr Telli Ezzati

Starting with a clinical attachment is a fantastic opportunity that I know will benefit me immensely before starting work in the NHS through LinkMedics. I also look forward to being surrounded by people on the programme with the same overseas medical school background as me, therefore would likely have similar learning requirements. This programme offers a great framework of support for beginning my career as a doctor working in the UK.

Dr Naveena Kirthi

I was recommended this route by a friend and I was attracted to the initial induction training that's provided before jumping into the deep end of working in the NHS. This is a valuable opportunity to start my career with ample prior training and grow within the LinkMedics community and be a source of help to others in the future.

Dr Moss Parekh

The clinical training session was the best day ever.. I've recommended it to absolutely everyone!

Dr Farah Ansari

The teaching was incredibly valuable, especially the group cardiac arrest simulation session.. it's also been really nice having someone you can turn to, especially for ongoing career advice and support

Dr Rachael D'Silva

I can’t believe you have taken the time to organise this. I am so grateful. My clinical skills training was massively disrupted due to COVID-19. I'm honestly so grateful, without you guys I would never have had the opportunity to start working in the NHS at such an incredible Trust. Thank you!

Dr Daljinder Purewal

I was so nervous to start as an FY1, but with support from the entire team I was working as an SHO within 6-months... we laugh about that now! I will always remember LinkMedics as an organisation I started my career as a doctor with.

Dr Dina Tamang

The teaching we got on medical emergencies over 4-weeks was exactly what we needed.. no jargon, just the important stuff.

Dr Alina Thapa

As an overseas graduate I was scared I didn't have the clinical skills and knowledge to work in the NHS. LinkMedics put all of my worries to ease. The 4-weeks of induction before starting as a junior doctor really helped build my confidence, so that I can carry out my role responsibly.

Dr Maddiya Basharat

I did not want to locum as I had never done a clinical attachment before and I did not feel comfortable. I feel a lot more confident... I feel like I can manage sick patients on my own and perform all the necessary things required of me as an F1.

Dr Christie Thomas

LinkMedics have had a pivotal role in helping me transition into NHS. They have a great team, who sets aside their busy work life as doctors to engage with us and make sure we are developing as much as we can through all the opportunities provided.

Dr Deelan Vadher

LinkMedics secured me a job when nobody else could (locum agencies).

Dr Danyal Pasha

LinkMedics has been excellent!. The programme has been extremely helpful and has contributed massively to my career.

Dr Adil Rabi

My experience so far has been great with LinkMedics, as my first permanent job in the NHS, it has helped me develop my skills in a busy specialty. The initial shadowing period that was organised was helpful. There have been online teaching sessions relating to portfolio building that has helped me understand how to structure my portfolio.

Dr Aarush Sajjad

Since I am an international graduate that has studied overseas, there was always going to be an adjustment required to return back to the UK to work in the NHS. LinkMedics have provided an accessible and supportive route for IMGs, like myself, to find work in the NHS whilst also being supported in this role. The fact they have a shadowing period prior to the employment also helps ease the transition to working in the NHS, which can often be daunting.

Dr Mariya Abraham

I chose this programme as this was offering an amazing package and felt like they support doctors from abroad like me a lot more than recruitment agencies. I feel so much more confident in doing my practical skills and also I am used to the system and regulations. I am still learning new things everyday but I’m confident to learn things day by day.

Dr Jacqueline Varghese

Just want to thank LinkMedics - honestly feel blessed to get the help and support. Looking back I feel proud of the progress I’ve made, from being terrified to being happy at work!!! They have a friendly and approachable team of peers, with well planned and useful training sessions.

Dr Andrew Jacob

I was nervous and anxious to start working at NHS, as it is my official job as a doctor. But, with the help of LinkMedics I quickly adapted and improved. They were very clear and concise and have helped to prepared me on practical and clinical aspects of what to expect. The people working for LinkMedics are really helpful and they are always available if you need help.

Dr Anjana Krishnaveni

Having thoroughly researched and talked to other peers who have applied through LinkMedics, I knew this programme would provide sufficient support and guidance as I start my first job in the NHS.

Dr Christie Thomas

LinkMedics have had a pivotal role in helping me transition into NHS. They have a great team, who sets aside their busy work life as doctors to engage with us and make sure we are developing as much as we can through all the opportunities provided. LinkMedics has been a great opportunity for an IMG like me, the support and understanding they provided, was essential in helping me settle into the role of junior doctor in the NHS. The programme gave supported learning structure through webinars on acute clinical scenarios, on what to expect as a junior in NHS, to managing finance, and linking us with different organisations and with other junior doctors.

Dr Khansa Akhtar

I chose LinkMedics as it offered a lot of support compared to other programmes. I definitely feel more confident and competent compared to when I first started. I feel I am more confident in dealing with sick patients and am more aware of what is required as a junior doctor in emergency situations.

Dr Mamta Thapa

I chose LinkMedics because it provided an opportunity to work as FY1. Also it was reassuring to have started work together with other colleagues with similar backgrounds. The programme helped me to be confident and provided support through my journey. I have improved my clinical skills. I am more confident when reviewing sick patients and to manage accordingly. I have still a long way to go and I am glad of the experiences that I am receiving due to LinkMedics.

Dr Nimmy Raju

I chose LinkMedics as I felt that I needed some support and assistance in entering the NHS after studying abroad. I initially felt anxious about beginning this journey, however, my anxiety is put at ease knowing that not only have doctors who were once in my position become successful by going through this programme but also because the programme itself is designed by doctors who were once in my exact position.

Dr Ikra Khan

I was very anxious when starting work in the NHS due to no previous UK hospital experience. However, after completing the training period this made me aware of my responsibilities and the level of knowledge expected of me as a junior doctor.

Dr Elisha Taylor

This is exactly what IMGs need. A supported introduction into the NHS at FY1 level, to make sure we know what we are doing before applying for more senior and locuming positions. The case based discussions and practical skills were useful to go through. Thank you for getting me my first NHS job.

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