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In the words of Walt Disney.. "If you can dream it, you can do it"!

At LinkMedics, we provide the right support, at the right time in your career, from the right people.

Our consulting directorate offer CV redrafting, portfolio guidance, career coaching, business coaching, mentoring, investing, and consulting services that help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for your advancement. Our mentoring services provide one-on-one guidance from experienced professionals who can offer valuable insights and advice. Their business development services are perfect for budding entrepreneurs looking to start or take their businesses to the next level.

CV Redrafting

Your CV is your first chance to make a positive impression, and it’s crucial that it highlights your unique skills and qualifications. 

Many doctors need help to deliver real impact with the correct structure and content that adequately reflects their skills, knowledge and expertise. Your CV is often the first and only thing hiring managers, consultants, and medical directors will see. Usually, hiring managers filter out CV’s before consultants see them, so it’s vital you understand the buzzwords, correct terminology and structure that will get you noticed!! 

LinkMedics utilise over 52 years of experience in healthcare, recruitment and professional development of junior doctors.

We work with all clients one-on-one to understand your career goals and experience. From there, they create a personalised CV that showcases your accomplishments and abilities and helps you stand out from other candidates, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

You are paired with a dedicated consultant on a one-to-one basis: 

Reviewing the existing CV:

LinkMedics will start with an in-depth review of your current CV to understand your career aspirations, experience, qualifications and areas for improvement. They will give you an in-depth consulting proforma to help support their re-draft.

Tailored advice:

LinkMedics will provide tailored advice on structuring and presenting your CV to maximise its impact, highlighting your most unique qualifications and experience.

Keyword optimisation:

LinkMedics will ensure your CV is optimised with keywords relevant to your industry and the job you are applying for, especially those important “buzz-words”. This is particularly important, as often, it’s a non-clinical HR manger that sifts through CV’s before sending them to Consultants. Knowing how to entice them is key.. and often overlooked!

Content improvement:


LinkMedics will improve the content of your CV, including the descriptions of your clinical experience, education, research projects, presentation, publications and other relevant information. Patchwork also give you short, medium and long-term strategies on building your CV over time.

Professional Formatting:


LinkMedics ensure that your CV is formatted correctly, including consistent use of fonts, bullet points, and other formatting elements. These elements are overlooked by the majority of candidates, but can really help set you apart in the shortlisting process.

Personal branding:


LinkMedics will work with you to identify your personal brand and ensure your CV reflects it.

Industry-specific knowledge:


LinkMedics use industry-specific knowledge to ensure your CV aligns with the expectations of the industry you are applying to. We support clinicians, leaders, managers, business consultants and more.

Correct terminology:


As a team of medical consultants, Patchwork have a deep understanding of medical terminology, and when to appropriately use it, to ensure your CV accurately conveys your professional qualifications and experience.

Peer review:


LinkMedics ensure a peer review from specialists in a variety of fields to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your CV. This also ensures that your CV is free from any errors.

Post-editing support:


LinkMedics may also provide post-editing support to help you with any questions or concerns after receiving your revised CV. This includes any guidance, strategies and changes you would like to see made.

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