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Overseas-trained doctors are a vital asset to the NHS and will continue to play a pivotal role as the NHS resets and recovers from the pandemic. LinkMedics provide high-quality, meaningful and accessible clinical training and employment opportunities to overseas doctors who want to start their careers in the NHS. 

LinkMedics help you find extra-supported employment in the NHS! Start your application by accessing our digital platform below!

Eligibility for NHS employment

Our eligibility is put into place to protect you, your patients and our programme partners. To be eligible for employment opportunities you must:

  • have participated in our NHS Induction Programme;
  • have the Right To Work in the UK;
  • have completed your medical training at an overseas medical university and be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

You must also pass our interview process to secure your place; further requirements will be disclosed during your application. If your application is successful, our dedicated team will support you through the registration process, which includes collecting the following:

  • Evidence of your GMC license to practise
  • Overseas police checks
  • Occupational Health clearance
  • Online statutory and mandatory training
  • Reference checks (download here)
  • CV
 We do charge a small non-refundable administrative fee of £25 during your application, which solely helps our team process your application, documents and interviews. If you have completed your medical training, we recommend you start collecting your references early, as this can speed up your registration process. We can only accept LinkMedics reference forms.

How to apply for NHS employment

Use the application form below to secure NHS employment in the next cohort of doctors. Please ensure the information you provide is correct to avoid delays and make sure you familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria above first.

LinkMedics have dedicated admissions teams that handle every application personally, taking away all the stress away, leaving you to focus on your studies and enjoy your induction. Please only apply to the programme if you think you would benefit from the 6-months of supported employment on offer, along with our “hands-on” induction. 

Can’t apply to the programme yet? Find out about future cohort dates by expressing your interest in the programme here.

Please pay attention to the steps. All applicants who wish to apply for employment via LinkMedics must complete our hands-on NHS Induction programme first.

All doctors who want to be considered for supported NHS employment opportunities MUST have first participated in a cohort of the NHS Induction Programme. You can find out more here.

This means that all applicants for NHS jobs meet the required standardized baseline of clinical, skills knowledge and experience to work safety in the NHS. It also means that those who would like to find their own jobs in the NHS, or those who were unsuccessful, still have the necessary skills and experience.

Use our online application portal to start your job application.

Please ensure you have read all the information provided on this website thoroughly, before you proceed to apply. At this stage, you will only need your CV and GMC number to start your application. If your CV and application are strong enough, you will be asked to provide additional documents and invited for interview.

Tip: Your CV should demonstrate the clinical skills and experience you have obtained through medical school, any relevant NHS work experience and your commitment self-development, teamwork and leadership abilities.

Tip 2: Does your CV need some TLC? We provide a professional CV redrafting services for healthcare professionals! Read more here.

We review all applications made to us equally and short-list successful applicants. If your application was successful, our admissions teams help you collect the necessary registration documents. This will include documents to verify you identity and right to work in the UK, criminal checks and references and occupational health checks.

Tip: These documents are the standard to work in the UK so it will be beneficial for you to start collecting them early! You can download our reference form here, and start to send it out to your referees, as this is generally the longest part of the application process.

Once your documents are verified we will arrange an admissions interview with you. This interview helps us check your ID and is the last step in confirming your place on the programme. If you pass our programme interview, you will have a place on our programme and access to all of our partner NHS Trusts, training, mentoring and employment opportunities! 

Tip: We are not trying to catch you out, but we do want to ensure that you will show a level of professionalism and clinical ability inline with your expected grade. Most importantly, we want to know that you will be safe, understand your limitations and are willing to really engage and learn on the programme!

A supported, paid and custom induction period at your chosen hospital, followed by 6, 12 and 24 months employment contracts!

Once you choose the NHS Trust that you want to work at, we carry out any final checks and give you a start date! Once confirmed by the hospital will contact you to let you know, and help you prepare for your first week. You will now be briefed before starting in Trust participate in a further paid 3-week Trust specific induction. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about the NHS system by “doing” and start to participate in regular duties, including on-calls.

Start your application by accessing our digital platform below!

We are not a recruitment agency. We work directly with the NHS.
We get it. We understand.

We designed our programme through our collective experiences of qualifying as doctors overseas and overcoming the difficulty of transitioning into the NHS. This helps us understand the specific support you require as we have been through the process ourselves.

We work collaboratively with several NHS, commercial and academic partners in the UK and beyond to achieve our shared goal. Our programme gives you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your clinical abilities in various clinical settings to support CREST sign-off.

We support you with:

  • ALL the benefits of our NHS Induction Programme (read more here)
  • Hassle-free paperwork and registration
  • Essential hands-on practical clinical skills training
  • Acute emergencies and on-call simulation training
  • A teaching curriculum of medical emergencies and case-based discussions
  • NHS hospital experience (pre-employment)
  • A supported period of NHS employment
  • Progression to FY2 and beyond (CREST sign-off)
  • A dedicated LinkMedics NHS consultant mentor for 12-months
  • A dedicated “peer mentor” for 12-months
  • Dedicated Trust induction with practical clinical skills

Applications for employment will be considered periodically throughout the year, and usually follow our NHS Induction Programme training sessions to the NHS. Once you have participated in our Induction, you can apply for employment using the link below.

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