LinkMedics second cohort of doctors arrive at Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Another cohort of doctors land at our Essex Trust

MSE hospital group takes on its second cohort of LinkMedics doctors

Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation Trust has taken another significant step towards addressing the shortage of doctors in the UK by welcoming another cohort of LinkMedics doctors to their Trust. This comes after the Trust’s highly successful pilot programme in September 2022, demonstrating the significant value our NHS Induction programme can bring to the NHS and its patients.

Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation Trust has been a Programme Partner Trust at LinkMedics since its inception, and the Trust’s commitment to supporting innovation has been evident in its success. MSE has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide high-quality training and support to the doctors, which has helped them to develop their skills and expertise while contributing to patient care and outcomes.

Our successful pilot in September 2022 demonstrated significant financial, clinical and time efficiencies to the NHS. The doctors who participated in the programme were able to make an immediate and positive impact on patient care and outcomes, demonstrating the value of the additional training and support provided by the programme. Our partnership allowed highly skilled and dedicated doctors to support the NHS and provide quality patient care. We believe the new cohort of LinkMedics doctors will continue contributing positively to the Trust’s success!

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