LinkMedics pilots generate £1.7M in NHS savings

LinkMedics saves the NHS millions, whilst speeding up international recruitment!

£1.7 Million in NHS savings and a time-to-recruit of 14 days (from a national average of 56 days) 

Our September 2022 pilots of the NHS Induction Programme have been a resounding success for the NHS. By working collaboratively with our partner Trusts, we have successfully created a safe and supported route back to the NHS for British citizens who had completed their medical training outside the UK.

Our pilots have generated £1.7M in NHS savings, which is a testament to the programme’s effectiveness in addressing workforce pressure, recruitment, retention, locum expenses, and providing continuity of care. The programme has brought the time-to-recruit metrics down to 14 days for overseas recruitment, a remarkable achievement compared to the national average of 56 days.

An added benefit of our NHS Induction Programme is that it provides a pipeline for British citizens who have completed their medical training outside of the UK to join the NHS, who are more likely to be retained for the future in their “home country”. This is a positive development as it not only helps to address the shortage of medical professionals in the UK but also provides equal opportunities for a cohort of people who have historically been excluded from UK medical schools through social and educational disadvantage, to fulfil their career aspirations.

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