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Dr Moss Parekh

The clinical training session was the best day ever.. I've recommended it to absolutely everyone!

Dr Farah Ansari

The teaching was incredibly valuable, especially the group cardiac arrest simulation session.. it's also been really nice having someone you can turn to, especially for ongoing career advice and support

Dr Rachael D'Silva

I can’t believe you have taken the time to organise this. I am so grateful. My clinical skills training was massively disrupted due to COVID-19. I'm honestly so grateful, without you guys I would never have had the opportunity to start working in the NHS at such an incredible Trust. Thank you!

Dr Daljinder Purewal

I was so nervous to start as an FY1, but with support from the entire team I was working as an SHO within 6-months... we laugh about that now! I will always remember LinkMedics as an organisation I started my career as a doctor with.

Dr Dina Tamang

The teaching we got on medical emergencies over 4-weeks was exactly what we needed.. no jargon, just the important stuff.

Dr Alina Thapa

As an overseas graduate I was scared I didn't have the clinical skills and knowledge to work in the NHS. LinkMedics put all of my worries to ease. The 4-weeks of induction before starting as a junior doctor really helped build my confidence, so that I can carry out my role responsibly.